Be seen with the best!

Join a select list of successful Australian and international companies who’ve chosen and relied upon Videocraft to bring prestige and prominence to their presentations.

Videocraft specialises in corporate video production…the single most powerful and persuasive medium used to spearhead key strategic marketing by the world’s most successful and profitable companies.

Videocraft is a highly commended, award winning producer of broadcast quality productions encompassing corporate videos, television programs, commercials and interactive multi-media presentations.



Shine at Showtime!

Videocraft gives you the means to cut through communication and cultural barriers with pictures that speak “everyone’s language”.

Gain a strategic marketing advantage by making your products, business or services stand out from your competitors.

Our comprehensive services include script writing, location filming, production management, video editing, format conversion, encoding of online media, plus duplication of DVD, CD and tape based video formats.

Dependent on production criteria and media specifications, Videocraft utilises a range of digital video formats adopted by television networks worldwide. These include DV, HDV, HDCAM and DVCAM, with industry leading brands of production equipment from Sony, Panasonic and Canon.

Through well established industry affiliations Videocraft can also source and arrange the hire or rental of location equipment for filming, lighting, audio recording and video post production.


Multi-Camera Coverage – Better from every angle!

Extensive experience in television production gives Videocraft the technical expertise and resourcefulness to plan, coordinate and stage multi-camera coverage for any kind of corporate function or special event.

Whether it’s award ceremonies, conferences or seminars, Videocraft has the ability to capture every aspect of any presentation in greater dimensional diversity with detailed and captivating multi-camera coverage.


A cut above the rest!

Through creative people and clever technology Videocraft gives every single production the professional flair and finish to capture and hold audience attention.

Videocraft provides flexible and affordable editing for all types of program compilations.

Post production at Videocraft is vastly enhanced by means of sophisticated and powerful software enabling dynamic integration of sound and vision.

Our Adobe post production Premium Suite enables fast, streamlined and highly efficient workflow, combining all the innovative elements of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Soundbooth, Photoshop and Encore.


Creative Corporate Television!

Whatever you need to see… Wherever you want to go…. Videocraft can take you to the limits of your imagination.

Videocraft is a long established and leading producer of Promotional, Safety, Training, Educational, and Marketing videos – all written, produced and edited to meet exacting client specifications.

Since the Company’s inception, in 1990, Videocraft has maintained a policy of maximising on-screen production values for every program produced - regardless of budget constraints.


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